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As the entry level watch in Rolex, the Rolex Air King series is created with an exceptional design and built to the same meticulous standards like the other Rolex watches. Nowadays, all Air-King watches are certified chronometers with a 3130 caliber self-winding automatic movement and water-resistant to 100 meters. At the same time, it comes in three styles of bezel: smooth steel bezel, engine-turned steel bezel, and fluted white gold bezel. Like other models in the brand, the Rolex Air King Replica watches are also a symbol of status. Classic yet contemporary, this kind of watch is crazily loved by men and women all over the world. And even the Replica Rolex Air-King Watches are one of the best selling products in the rolex replica watches market. Thanks to the top quality and best price, our online shop has earned a high reputation in Replica Rolex watches. 100% authentic appearance and exceptional performance with the precise movements! Welcome to choose your beloved Rolex Air King Replica Watches to reveal your status and stylish personality.

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Air King


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2 Item(s)